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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-2014Addis Ababa Road Traffic Accident Study and Possible Engineering Solutions: Case Study of Akaki-Kaliti Sub City RoadsBikila Teklu (PhD); Atsbeha, Gebremeskel
May-2016Analysis of Impacts of Speed and Traffic Volume at Black spot areas: Case of Addis Ababa cityBikila Teklu (PhD); Meron, Befekadu
Jul-2017Analysis on Road Safety Inspection using Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) Method A case study in Addis Ababa cityBikila Teklu (PhD); Menbere, Getahun
Aug-2016Assessing Major Safety Issues on Highway-Railroad Grade Crossings along the Addis Ababa Light Rail TransitBikila Teklu (PhD); Berhanu, Gebreyohannes
Jul-2015Assessment of Addis Ababa Light Rail Transit (LRT) Station Platforms.Bikila Teklu (PhD); Marta, Mekonnen
Dec-2015Assessment of Road Traffic Crash Data Collection and Management System of Ethiopia.Bikila Teklu (PhD); Kedir, Redi
Nov-2016Assessment of The Impact of Drainage Structures on Road Asset in Ethiopia; The Case of Burayu TownBikila Teklu (PhD); Lemessa, Wagari
Dec-2015Bikeway Compatibility and Implementation Study on Selected Routes of Addis AbabaBikila Teklu (PhD); Gizaw, Eshetu
May-2015Capacity Evaluation of Roundabout and Signalized Junc- tions in Addis AbabaBikila Teklu (PhD); Temesgen, Alemayehu
Jun-2016Comparative Laboratory Study on Fly Ash and Wood Ash as a Filler Material in Hot Mix AsphaltBikila Teklu (PhD); Asres Simeneh (Mr.) Co-Advisor; Dagmay, Lemma
Feb-2015Descriptive Analysis of Road Traffic Crashes in Addis AbabaBikila Teklu (PhD); Yoseph, Asrat
Nov-2016Development of Models of Interrupted Traffic Flow Conditions of Addis Ababa from a Study of an Urban Multi-Lane HighwayBikila Teklu (PhD); Kidus, Ayalneh
25-Feb-2014The Effect of Hydrated Lime Additives on Moisture Sensitivity and Overall Performance of Hot Mix Asphalt MixturesBikila Teklu (PhD); Asres, Simeneh
Dec-2015Effects of Light Rail Transit System on Pedestrians and Public Transport Users’ Mobility (Case study- Addis Ababa Light Rail Transit Corridor along East-West Line from Ayat to Megenagna)Bikila Teklu (PhD); Raeed Ali (Mr) Co-advisor; Elizabeth, Azmeraw
Apr-2017Estimating Total Traffic Congestion Costs for Selected Road of Addis Ababa City. (Acase Study: Mekanisa - Jemo Road)Bikila Teklu (PhD); Netsanet, Admasu
May-2014Evaluation of Dynamic Cone Penetrometer (DCP) for Purpose of Soil Investigation for Low Volume and Inaccessible Road DesignBikila Teklu (PhD); Nebiyu, Giday
Nov-2015Evaluation of Effectiveness of Traffic Calming at Roundabouts within Nifas Silk Lafto Sub CityBikila Teklu (PhD); Emebet, Tesfay
Jun-2015Evaluation of the Feasibility of At-Grade Crossings and Traffic Management Strategies for The Addis Ababa Light Rail Transit CorridorBikila Teklu (PhD); Raeed Ali (Mr.) Co-adviser; Abel, Girma
May-2017Evaluation of the Transport System for Disables' Versus Policy Implementation in Addis Ababa CityBikila Teklu (PhD); Rahel, Abebe
Aug-2015Evaluation of Traffic Congestion and Level of Service at Major Intersections in Adama CityBikila Teklu (PhD); Fasika, Mekonnen