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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2017Activation of Raw Bentonite (Afar Region) Using Sulfuric Acid for Rapeseed and Niger Seed Oil BleachingBeteley Tekola (PhD); Leena, Shemsu
Oct-2017Depolymerization of Flexible Polyurethane Foam Waste Via “Split Phase” Glycolysis using Zinc Acetate catalyst [Zn (Ac)2] for Ultimate Recovery of PolyolBeteley Tekola (PhD); Hiwot, Fikadu
Jan-2015Effect of Process conditions on Osmotic Dehydration of Adama Red Onion Slice ProductionBeteley Tekola (PhD); Girma, Masresha
Jul-2016Investigation of the Adsorption Performance of Acid Treated Lignite Coal for Cr(VI) Removal From Aqueous SolutionBeteley Tekola (PhD); Regassa, Beksissa
Mar-2015Production of Starch Based Antimicrobial Packaging Films with Optimal Physical and Mechanical propertyBeteley Tekola (PhD); Sendeku, Takele
Jun-2016Removal of Reactive Red Dyes From Textile Wastewater By Biosorption Using Mango and Papaya SeedsBeteley Tekola (PhD); Tariku, Ayala
Jun-2015Removals of Heavy Metals from Electroplating Waste Water Using Adsorption TechinqueBeteley Tekola (PhD); Hailu, Hiluf
Jun-2016Study of adsorption performance of BFA for removal of MG and MB dye mixture from aqueous solutionBeteley Tekola (PhD); Azeb Gebremskel
Jun-2017Synthesis and Characterization of Sulfonated Carbon Catalyst for Hydrolysis of Microcrystalline CelluloseBeteley Tekola (PhD); Kefyalew, Hailemariam
Jun-2016Synthesis and Production of Lactic Acid (La) From False Banana/Bula Using Lactobacillus PlantariumBeteley Tekola (PhD); Yonas, Abate