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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
18-Oct-2008Analysis of Fillers for Production of Alternative Building Materials Using Magnesia CementBerhanu Assefa (PhD); Tamrat Tadele
28-Dec-2012Effect of Adding Urea on Bio-gas Production Potentials of Selected Fruit Wastes in Addis Ababa, EthiopiaBerhanu Assefa (PhD); Getachew, Dagnew; Gebreeyssus
5-Nov-2008Environmentally Sound Wastewater Management – A Case in Addis Ababa Abattoirs Enterprise.Berhanu Assefa (PhD); Abebe, Worku
5-Nov-2008Modeling Chemical Engineering Processes Using Artificial Neural NetworksBerhanu Assefa (PhD); Nurelegne Tefera (PhD); Alemayehu, Ambaw
Mar-2009Neural Network predictive process modeling: Application to food processingBerhanu Assefa (PhD); Mesfin, Agide
Jun-2014Nvestigation of Environmental and Economic Benefits of Bioslurry From Coffee Husk Relative to Chemical FertilizerBerhanu Assefa (PhD); Zerihun Abate (Mr.); Takele, Uma
18-Oct-2012Predictive Modelling of Kaliti Wastewater Treatment Plant Performance Using Artificial Neural NetworksBerhanu Assefa (PhD); Sewnet, Getnet
Oct-2014Reuse of Textile Dye house Wastewater by Removal of Reactive Dye Using Nano MembraneBerhanu Assefa (PhD); Daniel, Aberra
3-May-2012Selection Of Clay Adsorbents And Determination Of The Optimum Condition For Defluorination Of Ground Water In Rift Valley RegionBerhanu Assefa (PhD); Nurelegne Tefera (PhD); Ahmedin, Hassen