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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2017Characterization and Optimization of Biodiesel from Cotton Seed Oil using Ethanol with egg shell CaOBelay Woldeyes (Prof.); Nigisty, Gebreyohannes
19-Jun-2017Characterization and Pelletization of Sawdust Mixed with Sewage Sludge as Alternative Fuel for Clinker ProductionBelay Woldeyes (Prof.); Bethlehem, Mekasha
Jun-2017Development of Sulfonated Carbon Catalyst for Epoxidation of Vernonia OilBelay Woldeyes (Prof.); Gebremedhn, Tekeste
Jun-2017Extraction of Essential Oil from Ocimum Lamiifolium Using Steam DistillationBelay Woldeyes (Prof.); Zelalem, Belay
19-Jun-2017Extraction, Characterization and Evaluation of Reinforcing Nanocellulose in Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA)Belay Woldeyes (Prof.); Teshale, Tadesse
Jun-2017Formulation of Shoe Polish from Wax and Used Water SAchetsBelay Woldeyes (Prof.); Betrework, Worku
Jun-2016Optimization and Characterization of Perfume Production Using Lemongrass AdditiveBelay Woldeyes (Prof.); Samuel, Begashaw
Jun-2017Production of Bioplastic from Corn Starch and Sugercane BagassaBelay Woldeyes (Prof.); Gadissa, Mosisa
Jun-2017Synthesis of Bioethanol from DuckweedBelay Woldeyes (Prof.); Tsgehiwet, Gebremichal