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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Nov-2012Biodiesel Production from Tannery Solid WasteBelay Woldeyes (PhD); Addisu, Mamo
2015Briquetting of Sawdust using Waste Paper as a BinderBelay Woldeyes (PhD); Muluken, Mengist
Jul-2015Chemical Pulping of Oxytenanthera Abyssinica BambooBelay Woldeyes (PhD); Sisay Feleke (PhD) Co-advisor; Amsalu, Tolessa
Jun-2015Chrome Removal from Wastewater Using Water Treatment Plant Sludge as an AdsorbentBelay Woldeyes (PhD); Wegene, Deriba
1-Nov-2008Cleaner Production Options for Solid Waste Management in the Leather IndustryBelay Woldeyes (PhD); Andualem, Ayalew
Jun-2015Design and Experimental Evaluation of Basin type Solar Still for Saline and Fouride Water Purification (A case on Giby-Deep well water, Dupti, Afar-Ethiopia)Belay Woldeyes (PhD); Chala, Diriba
28-Dec-2012Design and Optimization of Molasses Treatment to Reduce Scale Formation in Ethanol Production (The Case of Metahara Sugar Factory Ethanol Plant)Belay Woldeyes (PhD); Teshale, Firdissa
4-May-2012Determination of Optimum Condition for The Production of Commercially Viable Glue from Tannery Solid WasteBelay Woldeyes (PhD); Hanna, Berhanu
Jun-2016Extraction, Characterization and Optimization of Castor Oil from Castor Seeds for Production of Synthetic DetergentBelay Woldeyes (PhD); Ibsa, Neme
Nov-2014Improving the Performance of Asphalt Pavements By Application of Surfactants and Hydrated LimeBelay Woldeyes (PhD); Solomon, T/Yohannes
Jun-2016Optimization and Characterization of Carbon black and Lye Production using Prosopis plantBelay Woldeyes (PhD); Haregewoin, Roba
Jun-2016Optimization and Characterization of Magnesium Chloride Production from Magnesium Carbonate using HClBelay Woldeyes (PhD); Ketema, Beyecha
6-May-2012Optimization of Anaerobic Co-Digestion of Sewage Sludge and Brewery Yeast WasteBelay Woldeyes (PhD); Tewodros, Tilahun
Jun-2015Optimization of Parameters and Production of Bio-Ethanol from Raw Coffee Wet Processing WasteBelay Woldeyes (PhD); Asrat, Gebremariam
Jul-2014Optimization of Process Parameters for Production of Honey powder from Ethiopian Honey By Spray-drying: a case study on its application in BreadBelay Woldeyes (PhD); Abera, Berhanu
Oct-2015Preparation, Optimization and Characteristics of pharmaceutical Grade Corn Starch from local corn Using Acetylated MethodBelay Woldeyes (PhD); Ameha, Mikre