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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2014Financial and Economic Analysis of Small Hydropower in EthiopiaBayou Chane (PhD); Ermias, Tenkir
9-May-2012Hydraulic Failure of Micro Embankment Dams and Remedial Measures Case Study: (Zana Med, Amhara Region)Bayou Chane (PhD); Tigist, Anteneh
3-May-2012Predicting Discharge at Ungauged Catchments Using Rainfall-Runoff Model (Case study: Omo-Gibe River Basin)Bayou Chane (PhD); Bogale, Tesfaye
Nov-2016Runoff and Sediment Yield Modeling (The Case of Kessie Watershed)Bayou Chane (PhD); Tamirat, Hailu
Oct-2016Sediment Management in Reservoir (Case study of Gilgel Gibe-I Dam)Bayou Chane (PhD); Tufa, Feyissa
Feb-2017Sediment Problem of Gefersa Reservoirs and The Appropriate MitigationBayou Chane (PhD); Tesfaye, Daba