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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2012Assessing the Factors that Affect the Performance and the Participation of Women’s in Long Distance RunAsst. Prof. Wondimu Tadesse; Mersha, Asrat
Oct-2012Challenges and Prospects of Football Talent Identification and Development Process in Gamogofa ZoneAsst. Prof. Wondimu Tadesse; Mada, Paulos
Jul-2016Challengs that Hamper the Sustainability of Elite Long Distance Runners’ Athletic PerformanceAsst. Prof. Wondimu Tadesse; Gebremichael, Helen
Jun-2012Factors Affecting the Attitude of Female Students Towards Physical EducationAsst. Prof. Wondimu Tadesse; Husen, Jafer
May-2014Improving the Performance and Partcipation of Female FootballersAsst. Prof. Wondimu Tadesse; Gelaye, Shiferaw
Jul-2012Improving the Performance of Short Distance Running in Some Selected First Division of Addis Ababa Athletics ClubAsst. Prof. Wondimu Tadesse; Jemal, Getahun
Aug-2014Infulence of Culture on Girls Physical Education LearningAsst. Prof. Wondimu Tadesse; Woldeab, Demsis
Jun-2013Investigating Factors that Affect the Development of Football in South Nation Nationalites and Peoples RegionAsst. Prof. Wondimu Tadesse; Yasin, Abafita
May-2014Investigating the Current Challenges and Future Prospects of Football PerformanceAsst. Prof. Wondimu Tadesse; ketema, Assegid
Jun-2016An Investigation the Challenges that Affect the Success of Short Distance Running; the Case of Ethiopian National TeamAsst. Prof. Wondimu Tadesse; Ketsela, Birtukan
May-2008Leadership Style Affect the Performance of Female Athletes in the Case of Gibe WoredaAsst. Prof. Wondimu Tadesse; Dr.Tesfaye A; Erkalo, Tesfaye
Oct-2012Some Factors that Challenge the Performance of Long Distance RunnersAsst. Prof. Wondimu Tadesse; Demlie, Nigus
Aug-2012A Study of the Challenges and Prospects of Women Football DevelopmentAsst. Prof. Wondimu Tadesse; Lema, Gezahegn
Aug-2012A Study of the Factors Affecting Athletes Motivation in Ethiopian Athletics FederationAsst. Prof. Wondimu Tadesse; Getenet, Tesfaw
Oct-2012A Study on the Interpersonal Relationships among Michew Athletics Training Center AthletesAsst. Prof. Wondimu Tadesse; Fiseha, Yoseph
May-2014Survey Study on the Problems of Coaching Football in the Case of Male Football Project in Addis Ababa City AdministrationAsst. Prof. Wondimu Tadesse; Tamiru, Siraneh
Jun-2011Training of Youth Football Projects and its Contribution to the Main Club: The Case of Addis Ababa Primer League Participant ClubsAsst. Prof. Wondimu Tadesse; Mohammed, Nasir