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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-2014Adapted Physical Education in Elementary and Junior Secondary Level Challenges and Opportunities of Students with Visual ImpairmentAsst. Prof. Mebratu Belay; Tesema, Etalemahu
Aug-2012Assessment of Female Students’ Participation in Athletics Class, the Case of Bole Senior Secondary and Preparatory SchoolAsst. Prof. Mebratu Belay; Yayehyirad, Andualem
Jun-2011Assessment of Nutritional Status of Athletes and its Effects on their Performance the Case of Defense Athletics ClubAsst. Prof. Mebratu Belay; Dirbeba, Maddesa
Jun-2016The Cause of Decline the Result of 5000m and 10000m of Ethiopia at World Championship and Olympic Games in the Reference of National Team AthletesAsst. Prof. Mebratu Belay; Negewo, Tesfaye
Jun-2014Challenge of Intramural and Extramural Sports Programme in Hadiya Zone Preparatory SchoolsAsst. Prof. Mebratu Belay; Debero, Tesfaye
Apr-2016Challenges and Prospects in Coaches and Athletes Relationship in the Case of Ethiopian National Team in Middle Distance Running EventsAsst. Prof. Mebratu Belay; Bireda, Muluken
Aug-2014The Challenges and Prospects of HandballAsst. Prof. Mebratu Belay; Mindaye, Shimelis
Jun-2015Challenges and Prospects of Under-17 Female Athletics Project TraineesAsst. Prof. Mebratu Belay; Tarekegn, Hailemariam
May-2012The Challenges and the Current Prospects of Teaching Physical Education in Arbaminch Secondary SchoolsAsst. Prof. Mebratu Belay; Tadesse, Gizachew
Jun-2011The Contribution of Governmet Secondery Schools for the Development of Handball Sport in Addis Ababa Bole Sub-CityAsst. Prof. Mebratu Belay; Tewodros, Negash
Jun-2014The Current Status and Prospects of Football Coach ApproachAsst. Prof. Mebratu Belay; Mengesha, Berhanu
Jun-2011The Effect of Dietary and Fluid Intake Before, During and After Training on Athletics PerformanceAsst. Prof. Mebratu Belay; Mohammad, Awol
Aug-2014The Effect of Physical Fitness Training on the Performance of Premier League Football PlayersAsst. Prof. Mebratu Belay; Birara, Gebre Kirstos
Jun-2017Effect of Selected Aerobic Exercises on the Improvement of Cardiovascular Endurance for Performance of AthleteAsst. Prof. Mebratu Belay; Jakeiso, Arega
Jun-2015Ethiopian National Male Foot Ball Team and the Satisfaction of Fans in Addis AbabaAsst. Prof. Mebratu Belay; Aderaw, Alayu
Aug-2014Factor Affecting Implementation of Handball Training in Some Selected Preparatory School of East Shoa ZoneAsst. Prof. Mebratu Belay; Tibesso, Nuredin
Apr-2013Factors Affecting the Implementation of Classroom Assessment in Physical Education with Some Selected Secondary Schools in Gurage ZoneAsst. Prof. Mebratu Belay; Aschalew, Kore
May-2011Factors that Affect Women Coaches Towards Elite Sport Coaching Position in Addis Ababa City AdministrationAsst. Prof. Mebratu Belay; Temesgen, Haile
May-2014The Impact of Class Size to Teach FootballAsst. Prof. Mebratu Belay; Zelele, Ashenafi
Aug-2014Major Factor that Affect Handball Project Participation and Development with Specific Priference Nifas Silk Lafto SubcityAsst. Prof. Mebratu Belay; Demissie, Simiret