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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2015Assessing Surface Water Potential and Water Demand in Genale Dawa River BasinAsie Kemal (PhD); Tilahun, Araya
Aug-2015Causes of Failure of Highway Cross Drainage Structures (A Case Study on Sile River Bridge-Arbaminch Ethiopia)Asie Kemal (PhD); Kefargachew, Kassahun
Oct-2016Dam Breach Analysis & Inundation Map for Melka Wakena DamAsie Kemal (PhD); Yonatan, Sisay
Dec-2016Dam Breach Analysis and Remedial Measure for Gilgel Gibe DamAsie Kemal (PhD); Million, Teshome
Dec-2015Dam Breach Analysis Using HEC-RAS and HEC-GeoRAS: The Case of Kesem Kebena DamAsie Kemal (PhD); Abimael, Leoul
Dec-2015Dam Breach Modelling and Downstream Risk Analysis Using (For Arjo-Dedessa Dam)Asie Kemal (PhD); Hayimanot, Lejissa
Dec-2016Dam Break Analysis (The case study of Fincha’a Dam)Asie Kemal (PhD); Jiregna, Nugusa
Aug-2015Dam Break Analysis (The Case Study of Nashe Dam)Asie Kemal (PhD); Motuma, Shiferaw
Dec-2015Dam Break Analysis and Risk Assessment (A Case Study of Tendaho Dam)Asie Kemal (PhD); Tariku, Tadesse
Jun-2017Dynamic Analysis of Concrete Faced Rock Fill Dams (A Case Study on Lower Awash Multi-Purpose Dam Project)Asie Kemal (PhD); Belay, Biset
2016Dynamic Analysis of Middle Awash Multi-purpose DamAsie Kemal (PhD); Yared, Mulat
Sep-2015Flood Mitigation Alternatives for Selected Reachs Of Awash River from Logiya to DubtiAsie Kemal (PhD); Tefera, Birhanu
Nov-2015Gefersa Ii Embankment Dam Hydraulic Failure and Remedial MeasureAsie Kemal (PhD); Kenbon, Hordofa
2015Highway Drainage Facilities Problems (Case Study – Assessment of Drainage Problems in Adama)Asie Kemal (PhD); Meraf, Elias
Aug-2014Impacts of Upstream Watershed Management Activities on Downstream Water Users and Users Willingness to Pay by Contingent Valuation Method (the Case of Gumera River Watershed, Ethiopia)Asie Kemal (PhD); Ayele, Getachew
Jul-2014Performance Assessment of Diversion Headwork Implemented for Irrigation (Case Study on Fantale Irrigation Based Integrated Development Project)Asie Kemal (PhD); Henok, Fikru
Jun-2017Small Scale Hydro Power Development on existing selected Dams in TigrayAsie Kemal (PhD); Brhane, Hntsa