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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2017Activities Performed by Volunteers: The Case of Mekedonia Humanitarian AssociationAshenafi Hagos (PhD); Ashenafi, Kassaye
Jun-2017The Assessment on the Nature of services provision for trafficked women in local Non-Government Organizations in Addis Ababa: The Case of Three Selected NGOAshenafi Hagos (PhD); Mestawet, Dejene
Jun-2017Experiences of Female Juvenile Delinquents and Available Rehabilitation Programs in Remand Home, Addis AbabaAshenafi Hagos (PhD); Tesfamariam, Mebratu
Jun-2017The Experiences of Poor Children beyond Poverty: The Case of Children Supported by Genete Eyesus Child and Family Development ProgramAshenafi Hagos (PhD); Fikru, Wolde
Jun-2016Exploring International Kinship Care Arrangement: The case of Ethiopian Children applying for Australian Orphan relative VisaAshenafi Hagos (PhD); Asnakech, Tesfaye
Sep-2016Factors affecting child protection systems response to addressing child maltreatment in arada sub city of addis ababa cityAshenafi Hagos (PhD); Zeru, Fantaw
22-May-2014Impact of Rehabilitation Centre on the psycho-social Condition of Children with Physical ImpairmentAshenafi Hagos (PhD); Yeshimebet, Alemu
May-2014Nature of Youth Unemployment in Kazanchis, Addis AbabaAshenafi Hagos (PhD); Zelalem, Bezabih
23-May-2014Nature of Youth Unemployment in Kazanchis, Addis AbabaAshenafi Hagos (PhD); Zelalem, Bezabih
Nov-2015Problem and Coping Strategy of Street Children, the Case of Nekemte Town, EthiopiaAshenafi Hagos (PhD); Azmeraw, Zerihun
Jun-2016The Role of Community Care Coalition for Child Protection in Assosa CityAshenafi Hagos (PhD); Abebe, Senbeta
Jun-2015The Roles of Volunteers in Community Development: The Case of Volunteers who are Working at LIVE-Addis Ethiopian Resident Charity in Addis AbabaAshenafi Hagos (PhD); Abebanesh, Asnake
Jun-2017Services for Vulnerable Children as a Means of Child Protection in Addis Ababa, YekaAshenafi Hagos (PhD); Ashenafi, Tesfaye
12-Jun-2014The Situation of Children Who Lost Their Parents: The Case of Addis-Ketema Sub-City, Addis Ababa, EthiopiaAshenafi Hagos (PhD); Bezawit, Sentayehu
Jun-2017Social Capital Building Endeavors in a Diversified Community: The Case of SOS Children’s Villages Program Addis Ababa Intervention, inKolfe - Keranyo sub-city,Ashenafi Hagos (PhD); Solomon, Kidane
Dec-2015Socio-Economic Roles of Microfinance in Women Empowerment. The Case of Burayu TowAshenafi Hagos (PhD); Belay, Ejigu