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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-2016Adama Flood Problem Flood Risk Mitigation Option for Boku Shenen AreaAgizew Nigussie (PhD); Merid, Aychiluhim
May-2015Assessment of Maerua Sbcordata Root as Biosorbent for Removal of Cr(VI) Ions from Tannery WastewaterAgizew Nigussie (PhD); Mesfin, Berecha
Oct-2015Assessment of Surface water quality in Upper Awash River BasinAgizew Nigussie (PhD); Shaka, Nugusu
Dec-2015Assessment on Surface Water Potential and Demands of Wabishebele Basin in EthiopiaAgizew Nigussie (PhD); Kindie, Engdaw
Dec-2015Flood Risk Analysis in Illu Floodplain, Upper Awash River Basin, EthiopiaAgizew Nigussie (PhD); Dawit, Sisay
6-May-2014Model Based Water Supply Network Assessment: Case of Gefersa Supply SystemAgizew Nigussie (PhD); Chali, Dereje
Nov-2016Modeling and Analyses of Urban Flooding In Bole Subcity System Performance and Evaluation of Possible Improvements Using EP SWMM5Agizew Nigussie (PhD); Nejib, Hassen
Sep-2015Performance Assessment of Drainage Systems on Alemgena-Butajira RoadAgizew Nigussie (PhD); Alemu, Tamiru
Nov-2013Performance Assessment of Road Drainage Structures and Proposed Mitigation Measures: The case of Daleti-Odagodere Gravel Road in Benishangul-Gumuz Region.Agizew Nigussie (PhD); Yifred, Kassa
Jul-2015Surface Water potential Assessment and Demand Scenarios Analysis In Omo-Gibe River BasinAgizew Nigussie (PhD); Dereje, Atinafu
Nov-2016Water Quality Modeling Of Water Supply Distribution System (The Case of Alalbada-Erba Multi-Village Water Supply Scheme)Agizew Nigussie (PhD); Asfaw, Diro
Dec-2014Water Quality Modeling of Water Supply Distribution System (The case of Tuffa-Bulbula Multi-Village Water Supply Scheme)Agizew Nigussie (PhD); Birru, Dula