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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2016Biodiesel from Microalgae Based On Co2 Released From Cement Industries (Case Study: - Dangote Cement Plant)Abubeker Yimam (PhD); Mekonnen, Assefa
Jun-2016Bioethanol Production from Waste PaperAbubeker Yimam (PhD); Kiros, Berhane
13-Nov-2016Extraction, Characterization and Optimization of Banana Trunk FiberAbubeker Yimam (PhD); Milkiyas, Dandesa
Jun-2016Extraction, Characterization and Optimization Of Essential Oil from Ethiopian Black Cumin Seed Varieties by Solvent ExtractionAbubeker Yimam (PhD); Alemu, Belay
2014Extraction, Optimization and Characterization of Ethiopian Marula (Sclerocarya Birrea) and Zigba (Podocarpus Falcatus) OilsAbubeker Yimam (PhD); Sisay Feleke (PhD) Co-Advisor; Gadissa, Hundessa
2015Improving the Current Technology of Beer Production By Substitution of Malted BarleyAbubeker Yimam (PhD); Mulugeta, Goffa
Jun-2016Investigation of Brewery Spent Grain as Adsorbent for Removal of Heavy Metals from WastewaterAbubeker Yimam (PhD); Hunegnaw, Baylie
Jul-2017Moringa Leaf and Seed Extract as Bio-Flocculant for Sugarcane Juice ClarificationAbubeker Yimam (PhD); Lidya, Damtew
Jul-2015Optimization and Characterization of Synthesis Conditions of Adsorbent from Bone for Removal of FluorideAbubeker Yimam (PhD); Mitiku, Tadele
Jun-2015Optimization of Process Parameters for the Extraction of Oil from Mango Seed Kernel (Mangifera indica) for Cosmetics ApplicationAbubeker Yimam (PhD); Mustefa, Kemal
Feb-2016Production and Optimization of Carboxymethylcellulose from Waste CartonsAbubeker Yimam (PhD); Abebe, Hailu
Jul-2017Production, Optimization and Characterization of Iron Sulfate from Local Iron OreAbubeker Yimam (PhD); Birhan, Getachew
Oct-2014Recycling of Used Lubricating Oil Using Acid-Clay Treatment ProcessAbubeker Yimam (PhD); Hayalu, Andargachew
15-Jul-2016Refining of Used Motor Oil Using Solvent ExtractionAbubeker Yimam (PhD); Tadele, Negash
Jul-2016Removal of Lead from Waste Water Using Corn Cob Activated Carbon as An AdsorbentAbubeker Yimam (PhD); Debela, Tesfaye
Dec-2014Silver Recovery And Optimization From Waste X-ray Photographic Film Using Sodium Hydroxide StrippingAbubeker Yimam (PhD); Mekurialem, Demelash
May-2017Simulation of Municipal Solid Waste Gasification in Updraft Fixed Bed Reactors using Aspen plus 8.8Abubeker Yimam (PhD); Samuel, Gesesse
Aug-2016Study on biogas energy production from cactus Opuntia ficus-indica (L.) Mill.Abubeker Yimam (PhD); Jemal, Beshir
Dec-2016Treatment and Recovery of Chrome from Electroplating Wastewater (By Chemical Precipitation) ( At Homicho Ammunition Engineering Industry)Abubeker Yimam (PhD); Kidanu, Gebreselassie
Jul-2016Used Automotive Lubricant Treatment Using Acid-Clay MethodAbubeker Yimam (PhD); Mariamawit, Alemayehu