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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2015Analyzing Change Orders in Selected Ethiopian Road Authority Asphalt Concrete Road Projects Constructed by Foreign ContractorsAbebe Dinku (Prof.); Fikreyesus, Demeke
20-Dec-2013Application of Modern Formwork Systems in EthiopiaAbebe Dinku (Prof.); Christoph Motzko (Prof.); Argaw, Tarekegn
Jun-2014Application of Web Based Construction Communication in Ethiopian Federal Road ProjectsAbebe Dinku (Prof.); Getu, Tilahun
Mar-2016Asphalt Road Pavement Rehabilitation and Maintenance Case Study in Addis Ababa City Roads AuthorityAbebe Dinku (Prof.); Temesgen, Girmay
Dec-2016Assessment of Cause and Impacts of Local Contractors‟ Time and Cost Performance in Ethiopian Roads Authority ProjectsAbebe Dinku (Prof.); Rahel, Kassaye
Sep-2015Assessment of Causes and Cost Impact of Change Orders on Road Projects in EthiopiaAbebe Dinku (Prof.); Mekonnen, Beshah
25-Nov-2013Assessment of Conditions of Contract Problems in Ethiopian Construction IndustryAbebe Dinku (Prof.); Getaneh, Gezahegne
Oct-2015Assessment of Performance Measures for Material Management Process on Building Projects in Addis AbabaAbebe Dinku (Prof.); Dawd, Abdu
Mar-2015Assessment of The Causes and Effects of Price Escalation of Federal Road Contracts in EthiopiaAbebe Dinku (Prof.); Yadessa, Dinsa
28-Jul-2012Bagasse Ash as a Cement replacing MaterialAbebe Dinku (Prof.); HAILU, BIRUK
Sep-2015Building Maintenance Management Practice in Public Hospital Buildings of Addis AbabaAbebe Dinku (Prof.); Mekdes, Sahelu
Jun-2016Cause and Effects of Delay on Educational Building Projects in Addis Ababa University Case StudyAbebe Dinku (Prof.); Shewaferahu, Tilahun
18-Oct-2008Causes and Effects of Cost Overrun on Public Building Construction Projects in EthiopiaAbebe Dinku (Prof.); Fetene Nega
Apr-2015Causes and Effects of Variation Orders in Road Construction Projects: The Case of National Works Contract Administered by Addis Ababa City Roads AuthorityAbebe Dinku (Prof.); Tewodros, Zewedu
Jul-2009Causes and Effects of Variations in Ethiopian Federal Road ProjectsAbebe Dinku (Prof.); Tadesse, Ayalew
Sep-2015Cement Concrete as an Alternative PavementMaterial Over Asphalt Concrete in Arterial Roads of Ethiopia; Life Cycle Cost Comparison and Economic AnalysisAbebe Dinku (Prof.); Gebeyaw, Assefa
10-May-2012Claims in International Construction Contract: A Case Study of EthiopiaAbebe Dinku (Prof.); Liu, Yi
21-Sep-2012Commercialization of Roads in Ethiopia a Case Study of Addis Ababa – Adama RoadAbebe Dinku (Prof.); Abdissa, Nagawoo
Nov-2016Comparative Analysis on Local and International Administered by Comparative Analysis on Factors Affecting Performance and International Contractors in Road Projects Performance of Road Projects Administered by Ethiopian Roads Authority Ethiopian Roads AuthorityAbebe Dinku (Prof.); Azeb, Getahun
Apr-2016Construction Cash Flow Management Practice In Selected Leading Local Construction CompaniesAbebe Dinku (Prof.); Kassahun, Merawi